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Seminar presenter

I set a very high “expectations bar” for professionals I invest in to teach/train/and-or coach me in my own educational endeavors and can only say that JillMarie Wiles is the real deal. JillMarie impressively exceeded my expectations for working with the range of students in the class. JillMarie has great gifts of insight and intuition, coupled with smarts, creativity, focus, and the ability to deftly draw out the uniquely different personalities and needs of students. JillMarie meets everyone where they are and is able to connect in meaningful ways with all of them. She *sees* people and has the laser-like ability to drill in quickly to ask the right questions students need to consider to get past barriers to progress, and to build on their assets to get to the next level. I would hire her in a heartbeat and entrust her with individual, small, or large group work to take people to new levels of growth and success. I am honored to call JillMarie both my teacher and friend.

– Choose to Win course graduate, March 2021

This is one AMAZING LADY!!! If you haven’t met Mrs. JillMarie Wiles you need to sign up with her for one of her Zig Ziglar classes. She is an inspiration and what she teaches can change your life forever!

– Choose to Win course graduate, August 2020

This course is a must! JillMarie Wiles is an incredible instructor and she lives this material inside and out. She will help you open your eyes on small changes that will make a huge impact on your life. I encourage others to make the investment in themselves and join in!

– Choose to Win course graduate, August 2020

I highly recommend the Choose to Win course. If you are wanting to embrace life, empower your self-motivation and make changes to increase your health and wealth in life then reach out to JillMarie Wiles and take this course!! Your habits will change, and your path will be a path of winning!!

– Choose to Win course graduate, August 2020

I can’t say enough about this course. JillMarie Wiles walks the walk and talks the talk. I tiptoed into the course, wasn’t sure how I felt, and before I knew it, I embraced it. I started with small changes that now, 10 weeks later, I’m still building on. My relationships are deeper and more focused, including my relationship with my God. I couldn’t be more thrilled with JillMarie’s encouragement and follow through. Take this class!!!! You’ll never look back and believe me when I say, this is life changing. I know it sounds cliché, but I mean it. If you choose this course, it will change your life!!!!

– Choose to Win course graduate, August 2020

JillMarie Wiles is a one-of-a-kind instructor and on a daily basis she lives the material that she teaches. There are seven spokes in the Choose to Win course to help you to build awareness and changes in all areas of your life creating, including the legacy and “the why’ that you have always wanted. JillMarie is a good finder, an encourager and a multiplier in the lives of others. You will want to align yourself with her teachings and she truly was born to do this work. I can’t say enough good that she has brought to my life and she has made me a better person. God created her for a big purpose that she genuinely lives out every day. Do yourself a favor and say “Yes!” to Choose to Win! All areas of your life will improve and best of all is your walk with Christ. Iron sharpens iron!

– Choose to Win course graduate, August 2020

Each time I face a new fear or conquer a task that I have put off for years, I find myself reflecting on what I learned from the “Choose to Win” program taught by JillMarie Wiles.  What I do in my everyday life has a wave-like effect on everyone around me, and beyond.  I live, really live in each moment, and savor what truly matters in life; my connection to others and to myself.  My eyes see so much clearer. My heart is filled with gratitude. I have hope each morning when I plan my day. I think with kindness and live each day with peace and love. I have grown so much from the lessons I have learned in the Choose to Win class and plan to leave a legacy of love that will last forever.

– Choose to Win graduate, November 2020

JillMarie, you are the good finder of good finders! You bring creativity, willingness, passion, commitment, and humor to every project you take on, and I’m always so excited to see what JillMarie is doing next!! Your love of life and people are so refreshing, and you bring so much to the lives of those who are blessed to know you. I’m so grateful for your friendship and that you have the Ziglar programs to impact and influence lives of many!

– Jill Pittmann, Red Engine Coaching, Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer

Auctioneer & Bid Call Coach

JillMarie Wiles is insightful and thoughtful as a trainer. She knows how to connect with an audience and with her students. She gets to know them personally and makes keen observations of their strengths as well as areas that require attention. JillMarie is also able to tailor her lessons to an individual, even in group settings. She has my utmost respect and reverence as a teacher and a person.

– Jenny Shotwell, Auctioneer

JillMarie Wiles is amazing! I feel blessed to have met her. All the coaching she has provided me with has helped me move forward in my life by leaps and bounds. She helped me move through fear and into a success mindset. Thank you, JillMarie from the bottom of my heart for what you do as a bid calling coach and Ziglar Trainer.

– Emma Jay Byfield, BAS, EJB Benefit Auctions

JillMarie Wiles has been a guiding light and source of inspiration for me since I started in the auction business in September of 2011. Now, armed with her latest tools as a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, I cannot imagine the impact she will have on her new students. Lucky them! Thank you, JillMarie for all you do to make this world a better place!

– Patrick Siver, BAS, G Events

I have learned so much from JillMarie over the years and have always thought of her as one of my favorite teachers. She has changed many lives with her teaching style and now, with adding Ziglar to her already impressive arsenal, even more lucky, new students will be able to experience her wisdom and encouragement.

– Debby Roth-Bush, AMM, BAS, CAI, Greater Giving Inc.

JillMarie, has been an inspiration, friend, supporter, and such a sharing individual in my life. When I was given her name to call when I was planning to compete in the International Auctioneer Championship, little did I know that I would embark on what was the beginning of a monumental relationship. Not only was she open-minded, she gave me kind critique and the tools & direction I needed to make that win happen. I would LOVE to attend any course JillMarie Wiles teaches!!!!

– Kaija Reinhardt Kokesh, 2003 International Auctioneer Champion, Reinhardt Auction Service

JillMarie Wiles and Zig Ziglar are a sure combination for success and personal growth! I would give JillMarie my highest recommendation as she is honest, authentic and intuitive! I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her one-on-one, learning specific strategies and processes for my self-improvement! l personally would jump at the chance to make the investment in her new educational offering as a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer!

– Michael J. Chambers, Chambers Auction Service, LLC

Where do I even begin….? JillMarie has made such a significant impact on countless people including myself. She is an incredible educator and trainer and one of the most genuine, kind and heartfelt individuals I know. Her passion for people and ability to touch the lives of the people she meets is something I admire. JillMarie always knows what to say and how to say it. I am beyond blessed to call her my friend. The Ziglar community is so lucky to have her as a trainer!!

Jeff Maynard